Religiosity and spirituality in women with breast cancer: integrative review of the literature

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Aleixandre Brian Duche Perez
Fanny Miyahira Paredes Quispe2
Olger Albino Gutiérrez Aguilar
Katherine Liudva Roldán Vargas


Breast cancer represents 16% of all female cancers worldwide. The religious and spiritual values of patients can have different meanings and even cause spiritual suffering. The present literature review explores the place of spirituality and religiosity in the way in which a group of women with breast cancer assume, signify and face their disease. For this, the documentary analysis was carried out in different specialized databases. It was observed that spirituality and religious sense significantly affect decision making in advanced stages of the disease and influence the quality of life, socio-family relationships and the treatment of patients. Spirituality and religiosity are perceived as an emotional and psychological support to face the disease. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the spiritual dimension of the patient so that they face the disease, that of the family so that they face the suffering caused by the patient's disease, that of the health professionals so that they carry out an ethical, humanized and excellent in terms of biopsychosocial approach.


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