Contributions to citizen training in the framework of a social PROJECT

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María Cristina Chamucero Murcia
Sandra Milena Cárdenas Vargas
Andrea del Pilar Castaño Becerra
Harry Rosendo Salomón Arias
Martha Julieth Santana Ferrer
Jhon Jairo Valencia Sánchez


This document shows the main results of the Comisarit @ s training social project, as an articulated work strategy between the University Corporation Minuto de Dios UNIMINUTO and the First Family Police Station, which seeks to contribute to the mitigation of family-type problems and that afflict the inhabitants of the Valle del Sol urbanization in the municipality of Girardot Cundinamarca. A general overview of the intervention process advanced regarding the citizen training of children and adolescents is presented, within the framework of the Practices in Social Responsibility and the results of the analysis of the information collected through the interview (applied to the Psychologist from the Family Police Station), the focus group (carried out in a group of four students who had completed their Practice in Social Responsibility process) and social mapping (applied to a group of 15 children and adolescents from the urbanization object of study), evidenced by the stories of the actors, who have participated in the project in a participatory way. Qualitative research is carried out within the framework of the action research strategy.


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