A voice of auxiliary discovers the behavior of a batter man

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Daniela Gónzales Otzeta
Manuela Martínez Landinez
Darwin Alexis Cruz García


This text describes the most frecuently male abuse behaviors reflected in the two women interviewed in the Soacha Cundinamarca sector, commune 4, Altos de Cazucá, being one of the sectors most vulnerable by violence against women; in this way, two in-depth and non-participating interviews were conducted. This study seeks to describe the methodology that was used for the development of this research showing its type, its approach, its life history modality and the instruments. In addition to that, the most relevant units of analysis that show such behaviors were raised as; alcoholism, jealousy, economic dependence and parenting patterns. These have been very useful in finding the desired results in order to answer the central question of the research: What are the behaviors of the man that induce aggression against women between the age of 30 to 50 years of the commune 4, Cazucá of the municipality of Soacha?.


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