This edition shows several works that apply quantitative studies and focus their work on the analysis of journalism, religiosity, education and various studies that are a representation of Latin America, the selection and review of each of the papers was established through compliance with editorial criteria and peer review. One of the main axes of the issue is the impact of society through the application of various training methodologies also in variants relating to the community and the stress that produce certain jobs, for all this we invite the community to download and contribute to the socialization of research results. 


Published: 2021-04-01

Environmental journalism in the Latin American digital press

Cindy Mariana Ariza Rodríguez, María José Aranzazu Rodríguez , Cristian García Vilalba

1 - 21

Religiosity and spirituality in women with breast cancer: integrative review of the literature

Aleixandre Brian Duche Perez, Fanny Miyahira Paredes Quispe2, Olger Albino Gutiérrez Aguilar, Katherine Liudva Roldán Vargas

22 - 39

El covid-19 y la educación ecuatoriana un abismo Digital

Luis Enrique Vargas Parraga, Vanessa Monserrate Vargas Parraga, Katiuska Katerine Macias Avilés

40 -53

Meaning of life, depression and anxiety in rural population of a municipality of Cundinamarca-Colombia

José Antonio Camargo Barrero , Juan Gabriel Castañeda Polanco , Derly Paola Segura Patiño

54 - 66

Contributions to citizen training in the framework of a social PROJECT

María Cristina Chamucero Murcia, Sandra Milena Cárdenas Vargas , Andrea del Pilar Castaño Becerra, Harry Rosendo Salomón Arias, Martha Julieth Santana Ferrer , Jhon Jairo Valencia Sánchez

67 - 76

A voice of auxiliary discovers the behavior of a batter man

Daniela Gónzales Otzeta , Manuela Martínez Landinez , Darwin Alexis Cruz García

77 - 92